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Canadians in ISIL: A threat when they return to Canada?

"We identify (suspected jihadis), we put a bracelet on them but we don The bombing Monday of a pop concert in Manchester is just the latest incident in the intervening 18 months to bolster that second perspective. While many questions remain about the recent path of Salman Abedi, who blew himself up along with 22 concertgoers, many of them young girls, it has become clear he had recently returned to England from Libya, and possibly Syria, where he may have been trained by groups linked to the Islamic State or al-Qaida. In Canada, we should definitely be concerned, says Kyle Matthews, the executive director of Concordia’s Montreal Institute for Genocide and Human Rights Studies. “People who have gone off to join ISIS voluntarily have joined a group that has committed some of the worst atrocities,” Matthews said. “The enslavement of Yazidi women, attacks against civilians in the Middle East, Europe and North America — just by virtue of having joined that group alone I would think authorities should be more forceful in prosecuting them on their return.”  The latest figures, provided by CSIS director Michel Coulombe last year, suggest that 180 Canadians have been involved in terrorist-related activities overseas — 100 of them in Turkey, Iraq or Syria — and about 60 have returned. But those figures do not include those who support terrorist groups at home, or who have tried to leave the country but were prevented from doing so, including at least a dozen youths from Montreal. Another document produced in 2016 by Public Safety Canada and obtained through access to information states that among the returnees, “law enforcement agencies are investigating approximately 63 cases involving 90 individuals.” At least 30 Canadians are known to have travelled to Syria specifically, it says. But Matthews said he believes the real number could be higher. He said many of the terrorist incidents in Europe — including attacks in Paris and Brussels — were perpetrated by foreign fighters returning home. ”One of the big, big problems is that (war zones) become finishing schools for extremists. They become combat capable, with skills to fight and make bombs and they bring that back here. Not all of them will commit atrocities, but we have to take it much more seriously.”  Peace bonds — often employed to keep suspected jihadis in Canada in check — are not enough, he said.

For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://montrealgazette.com/news/local-news/how-is-canada-dealing-with-its-own-threat-from-foreign-fighters

Liquid Chalk Canada

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